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If it can be packaged, SuperPak will package it for you.


We would love you to tap upon our vast experience of over 30 years - serving customers from varied industries from computer and electronics, telecommunications, to pharmaceuticals, food, surface mount and so much more.


Invest in your success by partnering with our vast network of regional manufacturing plants and affiliates in Singapore, Malaysia, China and Indonesia.



Thermoforming is a manufacturing process where a plastic sheet is heated to a pliable forming temperature, formed to a specific shape in a mold, and trimmed to create a usable product.


The sheet, or ‘film’ when referring to thinner gauges and certain material types, is heated in an oven to a high-enough temperature that it can be stretched into or onto a mold and cooled to a finished shape.



- Clamshell

- Blister Pack

- Trays for medical usage

- Tray for field assembly

- Shielding



& Reel

Tape and Reel is a process of packaging surface mount devices (SMD’s) by loading them into individual pockets comprising what is known as a pocket tape or carrier tape.


The units are sealed in the carrier tape with a cover tape, usually by heat and pressure. The carrier tape is wound around a reel for convenient handling and transport. The reel is enclosed in a reel box before it is finally shipped

to the customer.


For packaging product that requires higher dimensional precision. Most commonly used in fully automated assembly line.



- Cover Tape

- Plastic Tape

- Tape and Reel Services




SuperPak focuses on sustainable printing and development of packaging for various service sectors, committing to meet the demands of the present, while taking care that the resources we use today will be available tomorrow, without compromising the needs for our future generations.


These are clearly reflected in our corporate direction, design methodologies and processes. We consistently educate our staffs about the company’s commitment to the environment and promote awareness on environmental issues and keep updated to new trends and processes in sustainable printing.



- Premium Boxes

- Mass Market Retail/Gift Boxes

- Print Services: User Manuals, Quick Start Guides, Art Cards, Warranty Cards

- Brochures




Paper Pulp Tray, also named Moulded Pulp or Molded Fibre, is a packaging material, typically made from recycled paperboard and post-consumer newspapers.


It is widely used for protective packaging in various service sectors especially electronics & food industries due to cost-effectiveness and the fact that it is a sustainable packaging material.


Defined by the Sustainable Packaging Coalition, it is an eco-friendly material as it is produced from recycled materials which can be recycled again after its useful life-cycle.



Kitting services, from SuperPak, involves assembly where parts and components are grouped together for production assembly. Processes involve combining raw materials to create a finished good, or combining already finished goods into a larger group.


This can be very beneficial when the assemblies have a high degree of variation, providing mass customization. This facilitates our clients to keep low inventory levels, ensuring that materials and products are available for production and delivery, as well as planned manufacturing, delivery schedules and purchasing activities.